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End-of-line systems are a vital, strategic way to improve a company’s competitiveness. In a previous post ​( we talked about this special business unit, dedicated to systems for packaging and palletising the product. Let’s look at some recent successes.

OcrimFBC’s end-of-line systems owe their success to various factors, including a constant search for innovative materials and solutions, and the fact that our technicians are happy to test the machinery together with our customers – also using the particular product wherever possible. A recent and noteworthy test involved a ​​tailor-made​ project for a Honduran customer: Molino Harinero Sula S.A. (San Pedro Sula, Honduras). The line features two robots working side by side to receive 50 and 100-pound bulk bags from an existing overhead conveyor. The various bags are then channelled into separate lines, depending on the weight detected by a checkweigher. The two lines operate simultaneously, with a single central winder. This solution was very carefully designed to save costs, optimise space and reduce maintenance work. The considerable flexibility in the production process allows the lines to work at full capacity, as the customer requested.

Recent successes in Europe include Les Moulins Advens SA (Strasbourg, France). This line has a very special feature: a robot that is not only able to lift 10 and 25 kg bags of flour but also to stack them up quickly on the layer forming platform, thus increasing both the production rate and the overall quality of the full pallet. In addition, a metal detector was stationed on the infeed line to check for the presence of any metal parts inside the bag, plus a checkweigher to ascertain whether the bag complied with the weight limits set by the customer, with the automatic rejection of any non-compliant bags.

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