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The prestigious “Egypt-EU Investment Conference” took place on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June 2024 at the Al Manara International Conference Center in Cairo. This high-profile institutional and political event aimed to explore opportunities for collaboration between Egypt and the European Union, underlining the importance of their economic and political relations.

Inaugurated by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the conference brought together leading figures from the political and economic world, including leaders of major companies, industry experts and government representatives.

The event, themed “Unlocking Egypt’s Advantages in a Fast-Changing World”, addressed a number of topics crucial to Egypt’s economic future, including the potential of the business climate, investment prospects and economic reforms in act to improve the competitiveness of the country. Particular attention was paid to the green transition, renewable energy, the circular economy and Food and Water Security.

Among the participating companies, Ocrim played a significant role in the conference. During the technical day on Sunday 30 June, Fabrizio Baccinelli, Sales Director of Ocrim, gave a speech focused on the innovative solutions that the Cremonese company offers in the agri-food sector. His speech underlined the importance of technological innovation in the milling sector and sustainability in production chains, themes in line with the priorities discussed during the conference. Furthermore, the recent acquisition of Sima, a historic company from Spresiano (Treviso, Italy), specialized in the construction of storage plants, guarantees – and will guarantee – even more important and complete support from Ocrim to Egypt. Baccinelli’s speech highlighted how Ocrim, with its experience and expertise, is contributing to the improvement of production efficiency related to Food Security, two crucial aspects for the future of the agri-food sector in Egypt (and beyond). Discussions also focused on how to address global challenges and break down Egypt’s economic barriers, through structural reforms and strategic investments, actively engaging Egypt’s private sector and building partnerships with European counterparts.

Alongside Fabrizio Baccinelli, several notable personalities sat on the stage: Prof. Hani Sewilam, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation; Mr. Lionel Rapaille, Director at the European Investment Bank (EIB); Mr. Gunther Beger, Managing Director at the Directorate for SDG Innovation and Economic Transformation of UNIDO; Fabrizio Ferri, Executive President of Acea International; Mr. Muhammad El Demerdash, Co-founder and CEO of Engazaat. The conference also saw the participation of Adham Abouzied, expert from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Ayman Soliman, CEO of the Sovereign Fund of Egypt.

In conclusion, the conference provided a crucial platform to strengthen ties between Egypt and the European Union, promoting collaboration that aims for a sustainable and prosperous future for both. Ocrim’s participation and Fabrizio Baccinelli’s intervention further emphasized the importance of innovative solutions and international collaboration in the agri-food sector.