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The quality of Le Stagioni d’Italia products is the result of a very complex agricultural project, based on an ethical approach to territory, using 100% Italian raw materials and production processes. Let’s find out how pasta, rice and officinal herbs of this brand are born. The experts of Bonifiche Ferraresi tell us through a series of videos.

The Value Of Knowing How To Do It

Corriere della Sera, the most national daily and prestigious newspaper, has launched a very useful and interesting initiative for consumers who want to be informed about how those products considered excellent by the market are born. The format is called “Know.How”; it is visible on Facebook Watch, the new social TV, and every month it tells the “know-how” of a brand, as representative of an Italy that knows how to work well. The protagonists of the episodes broadcast from October 19th to November 3rd are the products of Le Stagioni d’Italia: rice, pasta and officinal herbs. They are grown in the agricultural estates of Bonifiche Ferraresi with modern production processes that offer the great benefit of not wasting the earth’s resources, respecting the environmental integrity. Through the voice-over of those who work in this great company, we discover together the vision of an excellent production system that aims to leave future generations a better territory than the one we have inherited.

Erica Furini, BF spa marketing manager, tells how it was possible to bring together the entire agri-food sector to offer the consumer products made by one hand, based on 100% Italian know-how and traceability. “The values of Le Stagioni d’Italia are rich, important, linked to an authentic agricultural culture. They come from the depth of people’s souls and want both social well-being, both the territory that surrounds us and the earth. I think they are the values with which the future can be built”.

“We grow 17,000 different types of wheat every year – explains Mauro Tonello, president of S.I.S. (Società Italiana Sementi, a company belonging to the BF spa group) – and each of these is analyzed and kept in purity”. When Mauro Tonello discovered the characteristics of the ancient Senatore Cappelli wheat, he realized how important it is to seek more and more foods that are therapeutic and more usable for a healthy diet. An important aim that Bonifiche Ferraresi has set itself because it expresses the sense of social responsibility in which the company believes.

Marzia Ravanelli – BF spa food safety and quality manager – focuses on an important aspect: the precision agriculture. “It allows us to do sustainable agriculture, giving plants what they need when they need it”.

The products of Le Stagioni d’Italia – pasta, rice and officinal herbs – have a short foods supply chain. The real zero kilometre where everything takes place in the production area: from cultivation, processing and packaging. What distinguishes the work of Bonifiche Ferraresi is what the people who work there believe: their passion, the desire to grow all together, to offer the consumer good, healthy, 100% Italian products and to preserve the great wealth of the Earth.

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