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When I was a child, I was lucky enough to have the time to be enchanted by watching the play of dark and moving shapes that the flocks of birds create in the sky. A dance that seems to say “our union is strength”.

There is a beautiful light at this time and, in addition to the workers intent on carrying out their work, there are many people spending time in the open air and passing in front of me. There are those who cycle, those who walk the dog, those who play football. There are many kids, a sign that many of them have already freed themselves from school duties.

Only now, finding myself here in this square, waiting in the car for a few more minutes to pass before showing up for the job interview, I realize that there must have been an exact moment in my life in which I stopped having time to dwell on many things. Now, however, I must get back down to earth and concentrate for this interview, because I would really like to join the forces of this company, to be part of a cohesive group where unity really is strength, just like those flocks that I admired so much when I was a child and which today I saw again flying in the sky.

Good luck to me!