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Parma, May 2024- On the occasion of the Cibus trade fair dedicated to the Italian agri-food sector, BF Spa Group and its Le Stagioni d’Italia brand launched the new “Filiera Trasparente” project, an innovative initiative that allows consumers to trace all the information related to the rice product chain by scanning the QR Code on the packaging.

The project, realised by BF Spa in collaboration with Diagram group and Rurall, offers unprecedented levels of transparency and traceability related to product processing.

Specifically, “Filiera Trasparente” is the project that traces the entire Carnaroli rice product chain, from the field to the final consumer. This system collects all production information, from the exact cultivation sector to the different processing stages. The creation of a unique QR Code, printed on the packaging and different for each individual pack, is particularly relevant for handling large productions. Consumers can scan the code with their smartphone without having to download any apps, thus accessing an intuitive interface that provides a true digital product identity. In this way they can find out details such as batch, expiry date, nutritional values and safety and quality certifications. It is also possible to visualise the precise terrain of rice cultivation and to obtain information on the individual farm and rice mill. In addition, the user has access to a series of inspiring recipes and can learn more about Le Stagioni d’Italia products and their sustainable product chain, from seed to shelf.

BF and Le Stagioni d’Italia are proud to promote transparency and sustainability in the agri-food sector, offering consumers innovative tools for a conscious and informed choice.

For more info check out website : Le Stagioni d’Italia – Filiera trasparente