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On a rainy day, the atmosphere in this company – of which we have been customers and friends for many years – is charged with electricity. The dark sky is crossed by lightning that illuminates the distant horizon, while the rain falls incessantly, obscuring every detail with a gray blanket.

Despite the adverse weather, the Ocrim logo stands out proudly in the background. A vision of stability and solidity amidst the storm. Workers hurry to avoid bad weather, seeking shelter under the roofs or in the lanes leading to the entrances.

Some lucky people are safe inside, protected from the storm’s fury, while others are still outside, facing the wind and rain. Yet despite the storm, the lights on the cranes shine like stars in the dark sky.

In this contrast of situations, my husband and I are waiting for the driver in the yard, under a colored umbrella. We hug each other tightly, seeking shelter and comfort in each other. It is a moment of intimacy and protection, in which bad weather is challenged and overcome by unity, strength and our positive visions.