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The Ocrim museum deserves a visit. It tells the evolution of the company along an experiential path that accompanies the visitor on a journey between tradition and innovation. It celebrates our company’s 75 years of success. Ocrimcore museum is much more than an exhibition space; it is a place for involvement and sharing of values that belong to Ocrim corporate heritage, where the continuous search for quality is the constant choices to create an authentic Italian made product.

Entering the Ocrim museum may surprise those who expect to visit a place where objects are simply preserved and displayed as if they were “frozen” in a showcase. Here there’s on display much more than a self-congratulatory historical memory; there is the soul of a company that has promoted innovation by preserving and treasuring tradition, two values that are the true protagonists of its work and success. Retracing the Ocrim history means touching the history of Italian tradition also represented by vintage vehicles and machinery that testify 80 years of social changes and achievements. Each object speaks of the identity of the country and the events of a company that have been able to build the exclusive and incomparable richness of Italian made.

The Ocrimcore museum – inaugurated in 2013 (in the video you can see the set-up phases), expanded and renovated over the years – offers the corporate heritage of Ocrim through three thematic rooms.

The first room is set up with post-modern installations and old machinery and it is dedicated to the relation between Man and Machine, where the machine is felt as “man’s body and mind extension”. Looking at an old separator or an old roller mill, you realize how the work was at that time and how long way we have come. The artists, authors of the exhibition project, represent Ocrim life with the multiform languages of works that accompany the visitor on an experiential path full of stimuli and suggestions.

The second room tells about people of the past and present who have made efforts to ensure that the excellence of the Italian Made concept is known and appreciated all over the world. There are three undisputed icons that interpret the history of Italian industry and culture: the Moto Guzzi “Falcone” motorbike, produced between 1950 and 1967, the legendary FIAT 500 “Topolino” car, the Italian city car produced from 1936 to 1954 and the Umberto Dei “Imperiale” bicycle, produced in 1938 and still considered the maximum expression of style and perfection.

The third room describes the Ocrim life – its birth and its development from 1945 until today – entrusting to photographic images the story of the most important stages. The exhibition is divided into three categories: machines, plants, people and the company. From the production of first machines, to the first plants supplied with the “turnkey” formula up to the most recent and technological solutions. A tribute to those who have contributed to making Ocrim history, to give impetus to an increasingly innovative enterprise based on the guiding values of competence and passion for what we do.

Every year the Ocrimcore museum receives visits of numerous people from all over the world, but it is also visited by local schools.

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