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Pasta has always been the pillar of Italian cuisine, and when it comes to excellence, Pasta Le Stagioni d’Italia 100% Senatore Cappelli wheat, bronze-drawn, stands out as a true culinary gem. It’s no surprise that it has won the prestigious Product of the Year 2024 award in the pasta category – https://www.prodottodellanno.it/ – a recognition based on the most important market research on innovation in Italy, conducted by the Circana research institute on more than 12,000 consumers.

The secret of this pasta lies in its controlled supply chain, a journey from the sowing of wheat in Italian fields to the tables of fine cuisine enthusiasts. Senatore Cappelli wheat, an ancient Italian variety with unique organoleptic and nutritional properties, is the beating heart of this culinary excellence. Cultivated with care and dedication in Italy’s fields, the semolina is milled in proprietary milling plants – including the one in Cremona of which Ocrim is a shareholder – and transformed in the factories, ensuring total traceability and unbeatable quality.

But what makes this pasta so special? The answer lies in its artisanal processing, handed down through generations and characterized using the bronze drawing technique, which gives the pasta a rough surface capable of holding every drop of sauce, turning each dish into a unique sensory experience. Tortiglioni, Caserecce, Linguine, Fusilli, Penne Rigate, Farfalle, Orecchiette, Spaghetti, Gnocchetti Sardi, Rigatoni – each shape tells a different story, a journey through the authentic flavors of their regions of origin.

But it’s not just a matter of taste, it’s also a matter of well-being. Thanks to a dedicated study, it emerged that traditional Pasta Le Stagioni d’Italia is a true source of nourishment, with low fat and sugar content, and a source of proteins, copper, and manganese. The choice of Senatore Cappelli wheat, certified by SIS, ensures that all the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the wheat are preserved intact, offering a product that combines taste and health in a balanced way.

But what makes this pasta even more special is the commitment of the BF Spa group, to which the Le Stagioni d’Italia brand belongs, to sustainability. They cultivate fields with a keen eye on the environment, using precision agriculture practices that optimize resource usage and reduce environmental impact. Senatore Cappelli wheat, with its deep roots and drought resistance, is naturally sustainable, requiring less water and fewer chemical treatments. Their philosophy is clear: excellence should not only satisfy the palate but also respect the planet.

In conclusion, Pasta Le Stagioni d’Italia represents a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, taste and well-being, an ode to Italian gastronomic culture that conquers palates worldwide. That’s why, in the vast landscape of Italian pasta, this excellence stands out as a true ambassador of Italian taste.