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Rollermill room under assembly

CHILLIWACK, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – In the scenic Fraser Valley, Rogers Foods Ltd. owned by the Japanese company Nisshin Flour Milling, has recently commissioned the expansion of its 300 T/24h “B-unit” hard wheat milling plant. This is a facility built in 2017 in a new building adjacent and communicating with the existing one, which is at the forefront of technology. It presents, in fact, a futuristic vision in terms of food safety, with the use of stainless steel as the predominant material for the entire grinding section, including the rollermills with automatic gap adjustment.

The project, which was completed in June 2023, consisted of the inclusion of the SHE high-efficiency peeler in the cleaning section to increase efficiency and food safety by lowering contamination, reducing bacteria and ash content through gentle dehulling of hard wheat. In the grinding section, on the other hand, the automatic rollermills and the sifting section are noteworthy, demonstrating the commitment to constant innovation. In addition, the existing pneumatic plant was upgraded, increasing its capacity to ensure more efficient and continuous production.

The expansion, assigned to OCRIM reconfirms the partnership between the two groups that dated back in 2004 with the construction of the first 250 T/24h “A-unit” milling plant, later expanded to 300 T/24h. “We were pleased with the first project, and since then, we have been relying on the Italian company’s expertise to continue to achieve new goals and consolidate the success of our initiatives,” said Kelly O’Brien, Vice President Operations at Rogers Foods Limited.