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An important strategic move consolidates Ocrim’s position in the milling market

Ocrim S.p.A., a Cremona-based company, top player in the milling sector with a history of excellence and innovation, proudly announced the acquisition of SIMA s.r.l. (Spresiano – TV, Italy), another key player in the panorama of storage facilities. This operation marks a significant step in Ocrim’s growth strategy, consolidating its position as a key player in the construction of milling plants, through the direct and specialized offer of complete solutions for storage plants.

Over the years, Ocrim has earned a global reputation for providing advanced technologies and cutting-edge services in the milling industry. The company has been a pioneer in integrating technological innovation with the practical needs of milling companies, offering tailor-made solutions that improve efficiency, quality and sustainability in the processing of wheat, corn and cereals in general.

One of Sima’s plants

The acquisition of SIMA s.r.l. – specialized in the design and construction of storage systems that guarantee the optimal conservation of raw materials and finished products – was a strategic move aimed at expanding Ocrim’s offer and responding to the growing needs and requirements of the market. The integration of the skills of SIMA – present in the sector for over forty years – will allow Ocrim to offer complete solutions, covering the entire production chain, thus integrating the storage of cereal and finished products in the mill. The two companies share values such as honesty and reliability, a sense of collaboration and availability and above all attention towards their Human Capital. Ocrim has always been an attentive and 360-degree prepared supplier and certainly the construction of storage systems has always been part of its skillset. But this agreement concretely allows it to add a new piece to its industrial supply chain, as well as to the agri-food supply chain “The Italian Argi-Food Chain Choice”, of which Ocrim has been spokesperson for eight years.

Da sinistra – Sergio e Alberto Antolini, rispettivamente presidente e AD di Ocrim

Ocrim CEO Alberto Antolini said: “This acquisition represents an important step in our growth strategy. With SIMA’s experience and expertise, we are ready to reach new levels of excellence and meet the growing needs of our customers and to respond to the increasingly complex requests of the market which is looking for loyal, strong and complete partners”.

It is clear that Ocrim aims to capitalize on the synergies between the two companies, combining its experience in the milling sector with SIMA’s specialization in storage facilities. This integration will allow the Cremona-based company to offer more complete and competitive solutions on the market, positioning itself as an undisputed interlocutor in providing end-to-end solutions for the milling industry.

In conclusion, the acquisition of SIMA s.r.l. represents an exciting chapter in Ocrim’s success story. With a future-oriented vision and an ongoing commitment to innovation, Ocrim is preparing to reach new heights of excellence in the global milling market.