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Part of the investments that Ocrim allocated for the year 2024 concerns the productive and logistic hub in the area of Porto Canale, in Cremona. In this manufacturing plant, Ocrim has recently renewed the machinery fleet dedicated to mechanical processing.

Three machine tools were purchased in the last year to optimise the production capacity of the plant: a multi-pallet machining centre, a lathe and a slotting machine.

The first machine, already operational for five months, consists of a 10-pallet machining centre for the production of specific parts and components for Ocrim rolling mills and machines. The machining centre, which is currently in operation with two other similar machine tools, provides a 20% higher part throughput than the previous machine.

Adding to the list of new investments is an additional three-axis lathe that provides greater functionality than the previous machine, and a latest-generation CNC routing machine, capable of taking over the production of two obsolete machines.

This modernisation of the existing facilities is part of a long-term project aimed to internalise the production and the supply chain, strengthened since 2008.

Thanks to prudent investments, from 2008 to date, Ocrim has managed to internalise important production processes for the construction of its machines. The final goal is giving the end user full control over the engineering, production and machining phases, as well as the total traceability of the supply chain in order to guarantee a high quality and safe product.

The project is constantly evolving: follow our social pages to stay up-to-date on upcoming developments.