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The Sunday lunch at lunch at grandmother’s house is still a cornerstone in most Italians’ lives. It is a real socializing ceremony to bring the whole family all together. From late morning until the early hours of the afternoon, the house is filled with chatter, laughter and attempts to calm the little ones who run after each other, putting their grandmother’s porcelain at risk. Peering into the kitchen, there’s always it, the undisputed star of Sunday lunch: homemade pasta, ready on the floured pastry board for being at midday thrown into boiling salted water, beginning so the ritual of conviviality.

A tradition made of healthy food and genuine flavors that we find today in the egg pasta of “Le Stagioni d’Italia”. A novelty awaited by the market of connoisseurs who know how to appreciate the quality of 100% Italian raw materials and that rough, porous and golden pastry, typical of home-made preparation, which retains and enhances every condiment. Because, when pasta is made with “the King of Italian durum wheat”, the ancient Senatore Cappelli variety, it becomes a joy for the palate: tastier and entrancing. It is the true pasta of Mediterranean cuisine.

The secret of this unique and unmistakable taste is a combination of ingredients, only semolina and eggs from 100% Italian free-range hens and a specific drying process for each format, to give each one the right degree of porosity, always guaranteeing excellent kept cooking.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the Italian Senatore Cappelli variety wheat is distinguished by its tall ears, with long black mustaches, and its roots sink deep into the earth reaching the richest layers of nourishment.

The egg pasta “Le Stagioni d’Italia” is available in three formats: tagliatelle, fettuccine and pappardelle of 250 g.

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