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Tokens are an emerging phenomenon in the professional sport landscape and, judging by the enthusiasm they arouse among fans, they will become an increasingly popular and appreciated tool for interaction. We are in the world of the metaverse and cryptocurrencies, an environment that is still to be explored and experienced by the public.

Last June the FIBS (Italian Baseball Softball Federation) inaugurated its Honor Club and was the first sports federation in the world that, for the occasion, issued its Official Tokens, to celebrate the victory of San Marino Baseball in the Italians Baseball Series 2022. . Only those who registered at the Fibs Honor Club, from 21 September to 6 October, received the Official Token with their own name and were able to access the Special Edition of the San Marino Baseball Italian Champion 2022.

A pioneering initiative that opens the doors to a totally new, exclusive, spectacular and engaging form of entertainment, giving fans the opportunity to interact with their team and actively live it. As stated by Andrea Marcon, President of FIBS “… we are happy to reward the San Marino Baseball Italian Champions also with a dedicated Token. In this way, we believe we can get closer to a young, digital, mobile and social audience, to build together a community that shares the values of baseball and softball.”

Mario Fiorini, San Marino Baseball President, enthusiastically welcomed the initiative and, thanking the President of FIBS, commented: “We too are now beginning to explore the metaverse of sport to promote our team. All baseball fans, especially our fans, now have the opportunity to purchase the digital token, nominative and certified, which forever reminds our victory in the 2022 championship.”.

To better understand the nature of Tokens, we rely on the words of Francesco Guido Bonetti, President of Innova et Bella, the company in charge of issuing the Fibs Honor Club Tokens: “The issue of digital tokens in a special limited edition allows to keep and protect the memory of important moments such as winning an Italian baseball championship. Tokens are in fact registered on a centralized encrypted ledger that allows to certify the content with authenticity and public transparency. The San Marino Baseball Italian Champion 2022 Special Edition represents a unique opportunity to join the Fibs Honor Club and start a unique collection of commemorative tokens. “

All provents coming from the subscription will allow FIBS to contribute to the realization of its institutional activities in favor of its members and to the promotion of baseball and softball, with specific attention to the fraining of young atletes. Specifically, the San Marino Baseball Italian Champion 2022 Special Edition will be entirely dedicated to the purchase of kits for the 2022/2023 school promotion.