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The first newsletter launched by Ocrim – November 2011

Talking, informing, explaining and listening – to sum it up in one word, communicating – is a passion that burns within us. We firmly believe that change can only come about through discussion, and this is also what allows us to anticipate new market demands and make it an advantage. We used to be able to depend solely on gathering opportunities, for example at trade fairs and in-person meetings, but we now have many more opportunities for dialogue, and this is because technology is constantly evolving.

For this reason, over the last few years, we have started using a variety of new media in addition to conventional media (trade magazines, trade fairs, and conferences). Yes, it takes a lot of effort to keep them going and interesting but being able to forge a closer bond with you is absolutely priceless. We set ourselves the goal of reaching out to you in various ways so that you may choose how you would prefer to access information.

This resulted in several collaborations with major major trade journals that published pictures and technical articles about us, along with the OcrimNews newsletter issues OcrimNews (2011), the Vimeo multimedia portal Vimeo (2012), the blog (2018), our LinkedIn page (2019),and in a few months also a news programme (from January 2023), which will be available on our YouTube channel. But also, specific insights in the form of webinars (2020) or exclusive O|Ondemand events and face-to-face meetings with experts (2021). Not just words but also pictures and videos with a mix of news, events, initiatives, milestones, and inspirations that describe Ocrim and our partners’entire supply chain – The Agri-Food Chain Choice.

From Molini d’Italia – marzo 2001

We have basically developed a communication strategy and we intend to make sure it is increasingly custom made. But we also want to tell you about our online corporate presence, which began in 2001. The company website is packed with content and is continuously updated not only with new information, but also in terms of its design. In fact, we have recently updated several sections of our website. And to make it easier for you to access specific areas, we have set up three separate websites, namely, dedicated to the Superior compact mill, for professional stone grinding, and, an e-commerce platform for spare parts.

Last but not least, two highlights that we are particularly proud of O|School, our milling technology school, a training and information service that has been welcoming students from all over the world since 1965 with the aim of training new professionals; the annual event ‘Grano, farina e…’ (Wheat, flour and…), which has just come to an end, gets customers and associates involved in a two-day full immersion session to discover the Ocrim world. After a forced hiatus due to the pandemic, they are both being held again and are extremely popular, as always.

Ocrim communication has many different forms of expression, but they have one thing in common, that is, they all share the same goal: to be closer to you and to maintain a strong dialogue, which is what brings us together.

So see you next time, and who knows… perhaps we are already cooking something up.