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Ocrim-Paglierani attended the inauguration of the new milling plant of the Polish Grain Plant “PZZ” in Krakow Jsc company as supplier of packaging and palletizing lines. During the ceremony the CEO Mrs. Lucyna Jedrzejczyk, had words of appreciation for the contribution of Ocrim-Paglierani and presented a plaque of recognition to our Chairman Sergio Antolini.

On 6 June 2019, St. Martin’s Mill (Mlyn Sw. Marcina in Polish language) in Podłęże was solemnly inaugurated. This is a new production facility located in the Niepołomice Investment Zone, in the outskirts of Krakow. Thanks to this important investment, the Polish Grain Plant “PZZ” Krakow company is one of the largest producers of wheat flour in the south-eastern part of Poland. “Quality, sanitation and performance are at the basis of this investment to meet the needs of our customers,” said Lucyna Jędrzejczyk, CEO.

Sergio and Matteo Antolini attended the inauguration as guests, welcomed by the greeting of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, known to had been the former Pope John Paul II’s personal Secretary. Sergio and Matteo Antolini represented Ocrim-Paglierani for the supply and installation of new packaging and palletizing lines, the only ones in their genre. In fact, the new milling plant has been equipped with bagging systems for 25 kg as well as an important packaging line for small 1kg bags with a capacity of 200 packets per minute. As a sign of gratitude for the innovative support, the CEO Mrs. Lucyna Jedrzejczyk, presented a plaque of recognition to our President.

“It is pleonastic to tell you that it is an immense honor to be here in this place that today has turned into a stage. I’m grateful for this tribute which I hope to deserve. We signed the project 3 years ago and now the dream has become … a sign. A sign of professionalism because the recent systems supplied represent the highest level reached in terms of efficiency and sanitation. I would like to thank the CEO, Mrs. Jedrzejczyk, and the technical director, Mr. Jurek, who accompanied us to destination with foresight, great skill and patience. But what fills me with a great sense of pride, beyond reaching the goal, is this common experience that further consolidates our historical friendship. This morning I picked up a simple topographic map of Podłęże at the hotel. I will keep it in my office as a symbolic reminder of this significant day. Thanks, the goal has been reached! ” said Mr. Antolini during his thank-you speech.