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Today it is cold and snowing. A few hours ago, I delivered some material to a company in Cremona and parked for a few minutes in front of a square where some work was taking place Two huge cranes were moving parts of a red structure that I couldn’t quite identify. There were also some workers struggling with these tasks. It seemed like a complex job, but those men carried it out in harmony – despite the biting cold – and through a constructive team spirit.

Being a courier, I inevitably spend a lot of time alone. In my van I reach several places and contexts to deliver packages and materials of all kinds. I go to companies, private homes and also collection points. Every time I feel like I’m putting a foot in other people’s lives, and this makes me fantasize a lot. My working day therefore takes different forms that change depending on my short stop.

Seeing those men at work, in the square of that Cremonese company, made me think about the fact that it would also be nice to work with other people, support, be supported and share common goals. In my imagination, even this biting cold in that square has become light and bearable.