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In the middle, Filippo Varacca – Logistics Manager of the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus (Parma office) – together with the volunteers

We are undoubtedly experiencing a period of great global criticality on various fronts (economic, social and climatic) and, as always, the weaker sections of the population are the ones who bear the brunt of it. The number of people in serious difficulty who ask for help is on a constant rise, but at the same time food wastage, a true paradox of our times, is also on the rise. One third of the food produced is inexorably wasted and this figure is much higher than the needs of those without access to basic goods.

Today more than ever, the work of organisations such as the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus is becoming increasingly valuable and essential. From early morning, the volunteers are working to recover foodstuffs from canteens, restaurants, supermarkets and companies, preventing it from becoming waste, and delivering it to various assistance centres for the needy. It is a solidarity chain that counts more than 7,600 charitable organizations throughout Italy and that helps over 1,700,000 people every day.

From right, Stefano Mazzini – Ocrim Commercial Director – and Filippo Varacca on the occasion of the arrival of the goods

We are fully involved in the Fondazione Banco Alimentare’s mission and consider it a moral dutyto support its admirable work. For this reason, Ocrim, Ghigi and BF spa have decided to offer 20 tonnes of Pasta Ghigi 1870 spa branded penne rigate (short ridged pasta) and, for the occasion, special packaging featuring the colours of the Italian flag was created, exclusive to the Banco Alimentare.

A heartfelt thank you goes to all those who silently commit themselves in this work of help and social support.