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It is well known that the culture of hospitality is a distinctive trait of the Italian people, but here at Ocrim, it takes on an even deeper meaning because we believe in the ‘centrality’ of the person.

That is why five years ago we designed O|HOUSE, a new way of welcoming customers to make them feel at home. This is a renovated three-storey flat in the historic centre of Cremona. A more relaxing and comfortable environment in which to meet our customers, also hosting them for the duration of their stay thanks to the availability of three suites.

Pursuing this path, last September, on the occasion of the annual ‘Wheat, Flour, And…’ event, we inaugurated our O|FARMHOUSE a typical Cremonese farmhouse, located in the Porto Canale area, next to Milling Hub. It is a space dedicated ito meetings and corporate events, which we wanted to give more warmth and authenticity to human relationships because in this society increasingly conditioned by social media there is a feeling of being ‘in relationship’ with everyone, but in reality we are losing the sense of real relationships.

The renovation was conceived with criteria of environmental sustainability and involved, first the outdoor area and the porch – equipped with a kitchen and services – and then the ground floor of the main house, consisting of four cosy lounges furnished with 1950s and 1960s design icons. The colour scheme is characterised by a contrast between vibrant colours and natural light colours ranging from medium-dark blue to burgundy mixed with more neutral shades such as powder, ash and grass green. A beautiful sight, as the pictures show, in which attention to detail and care in the architectural solutions adopted emerge. The other levels and the area that will be used as a technical laboratory, on the other hand, are in the planning stage.

The outdoor spaces were also designed with conviviality and sharing in mind. A magnificent garden, with round shapes echoing our brand, frames the structure.

It was here that last year our Open Day event and the usual Ocrim family reunion for the exchange of greetings during the Christmas holidays took place. We look forward to admiring it in its spring bloom and promoting opportunities to meet with you as soon as possible.