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Perhaps not everyone knows that on the occasion of the “Wheat, flour, and…” event an exclusive space is always dedicated to employees. This year, however, the eleventh edition will exceptionally be held between the Riviera and the Romagna hinterland.

What can we do for our team? For the Antolini family, the satisfaction of their employees is as important as the satisfaction of their customers, together they are the driving force and fuel of the company and deserve all the best attention. The rare moments of aggregation must therefore be protected and lived fully; they are unique and pleasant opportunities to be together in complete relaxation, chat about everything and anything, exchange opinions, perhaps discovering that the colleague next to you at the desk practices the same sport as you, has a two-year-old son and a grumpy mother-in-law. After each event of this type, the team spirit becomes a little stronger, you see more relaxed faces and more open smiles. It is the right way to nourish the community life of a group of people who are not only appreciated for their contribution to corporate goals, but also for the passions, feelings and expectations that distinguish them.

It is therefore clear that such an opportunity could not be missed, so what alternative could we organize? An end of summer cocktail hour! Raining day? It’s a lucky day… Due to adverse weather forecasts, the event, which was supposed to take place in the beautiful setting of Ocrim O|FARMHOUSE farmhouse – inaugurated just a year ago and used as a hospitality area – has just ended in the Conference Room and Museum, located in the company’s historic headquarters.

Eating, drinking, chatting, and laughing the hours passed quickly. That’s happens when you feel good. Tomorrow we will still be together, each immersed in our own work, but the greetings we exchanged just now were very different from those of every morning, formal and perhaps a little distracted. They had the flavor of those who are aware of truly being part of a large family..