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How much is a quality customer experience worth? It is worth a lot to us; building a value network on an international basis is a fundamental part of our mission, and feedback from our customers encourages us to continue in this direction.

One example among many is our Ocrim-FBC department, which designs and builds end-of-line systems and specializes in packaging and palletizing bags, bundles, packages, boxes and other various types of packages. It represents the link that completes downstream Ocrim industrial supply chain, and in order to comply with the same production standards and cost optimization as the milling plants, all design and construction phases, whether mechanical or electrical, take place at our Cremona headquarters, near the Canal Port. Here we also carry out assembly, electrical set-up, and the pre-testing phase, which is performed with the customer’s product when available. Because customizing machines, listening and correctly interpreting customer needs are part of those customer experience processes we mentioned earlier. With the same goal, we study innovative solutions to solve complex issues, such as the one submitted to us by a Milan-based company that produces bagged ferroalloys and graphite. In this case, the line, consisting of automatic palletizing with partial overlapping of bags, required perfect stability as well as optimization and compaction of the finished pallet. The problem was brilliantly solved by combining an anthropomorphic robot in the service of conventional layered palletizing.

The market demand for more and more specialized and advanced technology has broadened our fields of operation; in addition to the milling field, we also make end-of-line systems for the food, pet-food, seed, fertilizer, feed, chemical, plastic, cement, salt, sugar, mining and many other sectors.

Visit our website https://www.ocrim.com/inglese/prodotti_en.html#fineLinea to learn more about the range of products and design methods that the Ocrim-FBC department offers.