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Luigi Caterina, Ocrim area manager, during his speech at the IAOM Middle East Regional Forum 2023

We just returned from Jeddah (ARSA) a few weeks ago, where the IAOM MEA Forum took place (February 6-9) and we are about to leave again for Colombia to participate in the 46th Annual Conference & Expo of IAOM’s Latin American Region (March 7-9). There are many and interesting topics that will be addressed in this appointment organized by the International Association of Operative Millers, from production processes and new protocols to improve the quality of flour, to food safety, quality control of wheat, effects of enzymes on pasta quality, to costs reduction in end-of-line processes and much more. Marco Galli – Ocrim chief milling technologist – and Aaron Alberti – Ocrim area sales manager –– will speak on the subject of energy consumption by presenting a detailed analysis of the various production processes and important technological solutions to reduce management and maintenance costs.

For us, participating in the most important trade fairs in the world has always had a prominent position, because the value of face-to-face meetings is unmatched. Returning from a fair means returning with a wealth of information, considerations and precious feedback that help us to give you answers and solutions that are increasingly in line with your needs, to allow you to dominate the market with innovative and high-quality products.

The Ocrim booth at the 126th edition of the Annual IAOM Conference & Expo

Also, this year we have an intense calendar of our trade fairs participation. After Colombia, North America awaits us with the 127th Annual IAOM Conference & Expo in Minneapolis (17-21 April) which will see the participation of hundreds of operators in the milling sector.

In June (15-17) we will be in Nairobi (Kenya) for the third edition of the Graintech Africa fair which involves companies from over 25 countries. Food security will be one of the central topics that the Government intends to address by providing investments and strategies to increase the production of wheat, corn and rice by reducing post-harvest losses.

In the second half of 2023 we will be present in many other exhibitions. For example, in October you will find us at the IAOM MEA in Egypt and at the IAOM Southeast Asia Conference & Expo in Vietnam.

We would like to be able to meet all of you and talk to each of you about our technological solutions, the projects we are developing and our recent successes; in any case, in the coming months we will keep you informed about the technical speeches and on our staff who will take part in each single event.