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This is a topic that, due to the fact that it has raised a great many questions and conflicting sentiments, deserves a clarifying webinar and correct and exhaustive scientific information. When it comes to human nutrition, insects are a true “novel food”. But are they an interesting developing market or just a fad?

We entrusted this webinar to an eminent expert on agricultural entomology, Costanza Jucker, associate professor at DeFENS (Department of Food, Nutrition, and Environmental Science) of the University of Milan. She is the author of numerous publications in international journals, and in recent years has been working on insects for the production of proteins intended for the diet of humans and animals.

As you know, Ocrim is always on the lookout for signs of evolution, looking to the future. When we saw that the FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) started to invest several resources into research in “edible insects”, we used it as an impetus to find out more.

During the webinar – that will take place on Wednesday 15 November – Costanza Jucker will present us with data, market forecasts, specificities and benefits of insects for human consumption, and, in particular, in the production of flour. She will paint us a full picture, going from the economic aspects of the question to the nutritional profile to the most suitable insect species, all the way to consumer attitudes, without underestimating the environmental benefits of insect farming, if compared to other traditional livestock farming, in terms reduction of GHG emissions, and the consumption of water and soil resources.

Registration for the webinar is open to all: investors, owners of milling facilities, and technicians in the agri-food industry. We look forward to a great turn out!