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The Ocrim Milling Technology School is a training center, internationally recognized, specializing in the training of technicians and professionals in the processing and transformation of grain products. Recently, our school has successfully concluded its annual training courses, attended by numerous students from different countries such as Italy, Germany, Honduras, Cameroon, and Colombia. From March to the present, ad hoc courses have been created for customers who have relied on Ocrim for building their plants, and not only. In fact, thanks to the long-standing and proven collaboration with the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM), the annual training event by IAOM lecturer Professor Jeff Gwirtz was also held in October.

Generally, the courses are true full immersion intensives with a duration ranging from 5 to 15 days that include theoretical lectures, practical exercises at the Milling Hub and at Ocrim’s workshops to gain insight into proper maintenance operations, studying and operating, in some cases, on the machines purchased. The educational moments, however, are not lacking in moments of sharing and conviviality especially on the last day dedicated to the graduation ceremony.

In line with the skills required by Industry 4.0, our courses are designed to prepare technicians and managers who can best manage each section of the plants supplied. A training that, today, more than ever, is necessary due to the high automation content, with the aim of optimizing production and with a focus on maintenance so that downtime is minimized.

That is why plant design also requires the availability of customized training courses, for various people – from production managers, quality managers, plant managers, maintenance managers, and millers – so that they can develop a range of soft skills related to problem solving and team building.

Thus, the school year of the Ocrim Milling Technology School ends. We thank all those who took part and placed their trust in us. See you next school year!